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Here we cover various types and different formats  of  EARTH and SKY Military  expressions of NATURE .... such as the Pentagon LINEAR algebra agent Linda Tripp and her telephone call from 
Maryland = M + ary + land = Math array land ... known to geology, geography, and geo-physics  graduate students.  
Math array land is just NATURE's extension of latitude and longitude  ...into equivalent math words: rows and columns.
Math President N i X o N  represented N x N square matrices;  very minor details about the White House  omitted from newspapers and magazine articles.



Linda Tripp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tripp's action in secretly recording Lewinsky's confidential phone-calls about her relationship ... 2.1 Indictment by the state of Maryland ... Tripp became a close confidante of another former White House employee, Monica Lewinsky, while they .



 code name --> Linda --> Lin + da --> Line data

Tripp Indicted on Charges of Wiretapping - Washington Post

Linda R. Tripp, whose secret telephone tapes of Monica S. Lewinsky titillated and ... was indicted yesterday in Maryland on criminal charges of illegal wiretapping. ... In the callsLewinsky, who had been a White House intern, revealed to her ...

 Maryland  ---> EARTH soil/ land 
 Lewinsky  ----> SKY messenger

The university geology / geography / atmosphere  military reports are available -->
INTERNET keywords ...Herb Zinser geography  ..or some other noun subject

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