The Texas I-35 EVENT highway ...the Interstate highway DEATH ZONE

The Texas I-35 Event Highway --> the Margaret Mead nuclear family Death Zone report of parallel isotopes I-235 and parallel DNA 3 --> 5.





Below, we see the DEATH SENTENCE of Texas of the TEXAS legal system ..... ...that is modern atomic English language expressed VIA EVENTS in Nature's  message processing regions on the surface of Computer Earth system 370.  A sentence is like a line .....a line is like a highway  






  1. Driving directions - Print

    Dallas, TX
    Austin, TX

    3 hours 25 mins 199.0 mi - I-35E S and I-35 S


  2. What is the distance from Austin to Dallas Texas 

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    What is the distance from Austin Texas to Tyler Texas? It is 233 miles according to Google Maps. Distance from tyler Texas to dallas Texas? 149.45 kilometres ...

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    How far is it to Austin from Dallas 

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    How far is it to Austin from Dallas? In: Texas, Countries States and Cities [Edit categories]. Answer: It is about 200 miles (about 3 hour drive) per Google Maps.



Let's look at the DEATH HIGHWAY  ......... that is the cities of DEATH.


--> Dallas   and the 1963  President Kennedy assassination

--> Waco  and the physics war  between  Janet RENO and the anthropology renormalization equations of the Waxahachie Super Collider

--> Killeen and the mathematics proof errors.....the math concept of  neighborHOOD WAR  with Fort HOOD

--> Austin and the DNA polymerase I repair synthesis using JOE STACK age 53 as the 5 --> 3 exonuclease activity to remove a few nucleotides giving  erase I repair synthesis ........ OR

restated  erase I repair synthesis ...........thus modern genetic accounting social systems.


What are the components of the I-35 HIGHWAY and  53   in their roles  in modern EARTH evolution.


COMPONENT CLUE   of  3 --> 5  ......a  INTERNAL bio-computer drivers that are tested on the EXTERNAL concrete highway I-35 using human drivers

  1. DNA Replication Fork

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    3'. 5'. Helicase. DNA replication begins when helicase unwinds a segment of the DNA and breaks the hydrogen bonds between the two complementary strands ...


    DNA Replication I - Similar

    Enzymes that replicate DNA using a DNA template are called DNA polymerases. ... DNA polymerase I also has two additional activities: a 3'-to-5' exonuclease ...



  1. DNA synthesis occurs only in 5'-3' direction.

 › Wiki AnswersCategoriesScienceBiologyCached - Similar

    no DNA synthesis occurs in 5'-3' as well as in 3'-5' direction. only the difference is that ,that it is continuous in 5'-3' direction but discontinous in 3'-5' direction.


Below we see the  2-directions of the highway from Dallas to Austin. One side on the INTERSTATE is  in the I-35 direction.

What about the other side?   And what about the anti-parallel feature?  Does that contribute information about  the tragedies  in the  DNA directional signaling region.........the geography  DEATH ZONE  and its abundance of major national news events.

DNA --> Dallas North America region  with Hy  = Hydrogen Highway



Above, we see the molecule symbol of HO ......helping us understand the biochemistry battle at Fort HO in Killen, Texas.
DARPA ought go to the Fort HOOD Soldier READ Center and read some pages in a college biochemistry textbook.


 Above, bottom of picture ...we see  
A      T   --> Austin Texas   and of course
3      5   ---> Interstate  35  



Component CLUE --> WACO =  WA  + CO  = WAXAHACHIE COLLIDER  battle at WACO, TEXAS  with Fe = Federal government and CITIZEN  violations of Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic anthropology laws. 

  1. Superconducting Super Collider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    The Superconducting Super Collider (SSC) (also nicknamed the Desertron) ... complex under construction in the vicinity of Waxahachie, Texas that was set to be ...

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    What are the chances that the super conducting super collider the govt ... a company in Denton, Texas called International Isotopes that would ...



COMPONENT of WACO  WAR  with Uranium 238 and  Isotopes = 235 

Interstate 2 directional  highway labeled I-35   GIVES  I -235  the Margaret Mead nuclear anthtropology highway for human isotopes(t).
Thus we have atomic anthropology insects ... a problem that ought be studied and fixed ...according to the SOCIAL CONTRACT laws between  Nature and man.

Have the brain cells of  UNIVERSITY math and science professors been  kidnapped?
Yes, the Double-Helix thought process is having a battle ...per  D.H.LAW  book by Double-Helix Lawrence..."Lady Chatterly's cellular phone Lover" 



  1. String theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

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    Jump to Number of dimensions‎: In classical string theory the number of dimensions is not fixed ... 
    One such theory is the 11-dimensional   M-theory, which ...

p>  Theoretical physics adjective/nouns parameter list:

 One,    dimension,    11    M-theory --> applied physics mapping to REAL life events

One man.  Dimmick,  11 years,  Murder-theory 



  1. Kidnapper Jesse Dimmick sues his hostages for $235000 | Mail Online

    Nov 30, 2011 – Suing: Jesse Dimmick is serving an 11-year sentence and also faces a murder charge. A man who held a Kansas couple hostage in their home ...




 Modern Margaret MEAD nuclear family...atomic social sciences  and  atomic political science 





What else  do we see about genetics highway I-35  and  its possible anti-parallel properities on the surface of EARTH.

We have DNA --> Dallas North America  and Duluth North America ....both message processing regions with the I-35 information highway.

I-35 Interstate 35 Road Maps, Traffic, News undefined - Similar

i-35 Interstate 35 Maps, Traffic, News, Transportation Info, and More. ... from the US/Mexico border at Laredo TX, all the way north to Duluth MN, just south of the ...

The  city of ST.Paul (Dirac)  communications bridge with the Mini-Max theorem of  Minnesota decision makers.  



Thus we have the Computer Earth system 370  MISSISSIPPI data stream ...that is
MISS + ISSI + PPI  with
MISS = Management Information Social Schemes
PPI  = Parallel Processing Instruction 


Thus we have an EARTH   communications BRIDGE collapse ...from Minnesota  universities  to TEXAS universities.





FermiLAB near DuPage County (Chicago region) provides the bi-directional geography ROAD MAP  for  53 and 35 (355).
As you see ..the EARTH genetics evolution map with
ST.Charles (Darwin) and Geneva --> Gene V-A interation studies by the nuclear family successors to Enrico Fermi.  
Route 64 is Computer EARTH Double-word 64 = 32 + 32.

Route 56 is for the IRON MAN highway to Fer = Ferrous oxide atomic home at FermiLAB.
Batavia ...of course...famous for the Batman cave.....really the underground labs at FermILAB. 
Batman and Alfred --> Alfred North Whitehead  ...that is NORTH AVENUE/Route 56 send Principia Mathematica signals to that intellectual convergence center.

Interstate 88 --> 8 protons and 8 neutrons of oxygen atomic highway RD center with LUNG breathing objects at FermiLAB.......
oxygen searching for self-awareness and self-expression.



Thus we see an interesting puzzle...about the various levels of existence and expression of the component of Nature ...that we are a part of.


We must understand our relationship with Nature. We must view ourselves as  guests on Planet Earth and must consider the messages that are presented to us.

E. coli disease plagues the Earth geography region of the Eastern United States.

Astrophysics E. coli disease plagues the Earth geography region  ... in other words ....

...................E       ..col  .. i --> East column interface ---> East  Coast ...vertical column of land   interface


Eastern United States Map




 The living EARTH cell is an interesting structure. The EARTH and its geography surface AND the activities that occur on the earth surface …..have many features of genetics and molecular cell biology.


For a perspective, let’s consider the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) as a universe test site. A distant virtual astrophysics observer … astrophysics geneticists would view the EARTH as a cell ……and a reflection of the cell wall (the EARTH geography surface) might be the financial activities of WALL street. For example, the EARTH cell internal components …in this case coal, oil, iron …..pass thru the EARTH cell wall (geography surface) and then….eventually appear in format .... as news items in the WALL STREET Journal newspaper. We know its astrophysics newspaper …because several years ago in the 1990’s…..they has an article about the algebra subset word:

astrophysics …..
…trophy ……using the military code ….
Trophy wife …wi = west interface,,,,,fe=ferrous oxide atomic life


Thus we have a VIEW of the living EARTH cell ……in some ways parallel to a human cell, Einstein’s theory of relative sizes and viewing positions …allows us to use this approach. Supersymmetry physics allows the use of concept: symmetry. The actual applied symmetry physics sizes may vary from small to large. Let’s use a college genetics textbook that explains the human sized cell ….and thru Darwinian adaption of symbolic concepts…adapt the idea to the living EARTH cell.


Let's look at modern adaptions of concepts to explain other problems.


What Is E. Coli? (Escherichia Coli)


Jun 8, 2011 – Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli is a bacterium that is commonly found in the gut of endotherms (warm blooded organisms). Several ...



Escherichia coli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar

Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium that is commonly found in the lower intestine of warm-blooded organisms (endotherms). Most E. coli ...





What is the astrophysics VIEW of EARTH the context of the above illnesses.  We use Einstein's theory of relative sizes and  relative viewing positions to establish a frame of reference.

 E. coli is a bacterium that is commonly found in the gut    translated into  astrophysics gut  -- > GUT  = Grand Unified Theory.

E  coli -->  East column interface ............ and the geography view of the East coast of the UNited States ...looks like column of land along the Atlantic Ocean on one side.  What is the East Coast?

East --> E + ast --> E astronomy / astrophysics
Coast --> Co  + ast --> Co  astronomy/ astrophysics

Thus we have symbolic life --> E co  --> suggesting geography map ....E coli




EST: Eastern Standard Time (USA & Canada). What's the current ... - Similar

May 18, 2011 – Looking for current time in EST / Eastern Time Zone now? EST USA & Canada / EDT in Summer.

  • USA Time Zones

    Mar 15, 2012 – USA Time Zones. The continental United States (the 48 contiguous states) is divided into 4 time zones: Eastern Standard Time ( EST ), the time ...

  • ="vsc">
  • 13 E. Coli Cases in Missouri, Raw Milk Dairy a Possible Source


    Apr 13, 2012 – At least 13 people are sick from an outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 in central Missouri, with a farm suspected as a possible source. Investigators at ...

  • ="s">
    MIS = Management Information Systems   ...Solar Sysytem 370 processor


    • Map of US Timezones


    Six of 13 E. coli cases connected | The Columbia Daily ...





    Below......the  E   COLUMN --->  E COL interface -->
    ME /myself / STATES of Mind 
    maine = main  electron ....
    maine = main  e=2.718 natural number
    maine = main e = vowel  of  a, e , i = input , o =output , u = universe  




    Eastern United States Map

    Eastern United States Map

    News for 13 E coli cases ---> translated --> the 13 East Colonies of year 1776 ..we have Constitutional diseases at law schools.




    Symmmetry physics and symmetry bio-phyics helps us understand  E. Coli.
    Let's look at some social science diseases and their output messages ...... translated via the atomic English  language used by  elements of existence ......bacteria, humans,etc  predicted by  the GRAND UNIFIED Theory of  languages and the periodic atomic table. 


    Example 1 -->
    Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium that is ....subset symbols
    ..sch............col ........Grammer  --> Giving grammer school shootings


    Example 2 -->
    Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium that is ....subset symbols
    ..sch............col ....... --> School  = Columbine HIgh School and Cole Hall shootings


    Example 3-->
    Escherichia coli is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped bacterium that is ....subset symbols  --> English school CHO grammmer = Virginia TECH

     Example 4  --> World social science disease CLUES provided on the INTERNET


    CDC - Home - E. Coli

    Escherichia coli (abbreviated as E. coli) are a large and diverse group of bacteria. Although most strains of E. coli are harmless, others can make you sick.


    CDC - Home - E. Coli
    CDC - Home - E. Coli
    CDC - Home - E. Coli
    CDC - Hom    Sy = sysmmetry --> Syria 


    Hom, Syria

    Apr 5, 2012 – With ongoing unrest in Syria, Islamic Relief last week managed to deliver nearly R200,000 worth of medical aid to the embattled city of Homs in ...





    Symmetry (physics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 - Similar

    In physics, symmetry includes all features of a physical system that exhibit the property of symmetry—that is, under certain transformations, aspects of these ...


    Syria Map -- National Geographic

    Syria Map. Syria Guide · Facts · Map · Syria Favorites. Boundaries and names shown do not necessarily reflect the map policy of the National Geographic ...



    Sep 2, 2009 – Physicists are obsessed with symmetry, perhaps even more than people with an OCD. It's human nature to look at something symmetric and ...


     Cached - Similar

    The CDC maintains several departments

    1600 Clifton Road Atlanta, Georgia 30333


    The Physicist's Toolbox: Symmetry

    Travelers' Health

    1600 Clifton Road Atlanta, Georgia
    1600 Cli ........................ G 

    Base 16 Hexadecimal 00 = oxygen molecule for LUNG
    Cli = Compare logical immediate bio-computer BAL instruction
    G = universal gravitational constant ...EARTH health systems



    Six of 13 E. coli cases connected to one farm | The Columbia Daily ...

    Apr 16, 2012 – Six of 13 confirmed cases of E. coli being investigated by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services have been linked to ...
    Thus ...the EARTH governement of Nature .......Nature's version of the CDC has a

    bio-computer signal for Base 16 HEX address 1600 --->

    The CDC maintains several departments --> Missouri  Department

    1600 Clifton Road Atlanta, Georgia 30333



  Quest for SS433 (9780852748282): David Clark: Books

    Quest for SS433 [David Clark] on ... The book tells the story of the discovery and elucidation of SS433, a binary star system with a compact stellar ...

      CLUE: British astrophysics warning by David H. Clark author of "The Quest ... (the unsuspecting passer-by) of the cannibal galaxy.....hence her ...


    • Thus we see  the astrophysics VIEW of EARTH as a place with many  diseases ,,,,,social science disease...poltical science disease ......... symmetry signals . . . . . . . . parallel processing signals.    The pieces to  a very interesting puzzle of Nature.

    The Egypt ECB = Event Control Block

    RD-blog-number-2874 by Herb Zinser

    Computer Earth system 370 recently  experienced some  bio-computer social system abends in the  geo-computer region of North Africa.
    Let's look at this fascinating  area of computer science intrigue.

    North Africa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    North Africa, Northern Africa is the northernmost region of the African continent, linked by the Sahara to Sub-Saharan Africa. Geopolitically, the United Nations ...

    From the view of  computer science COBOL programmers and systems analysts ..... they see

    North Africa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    North Africa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    N       AF  
    Numeric Base 16 Hex'A' = 10    and Hex'F'=15

    Below, we see the Base 16 Hexadecimal  geography region.

    Thus we see data processing history with the data processing relationship between Algeria and France  ...
    with hex"A' = 1O represented by A = Algeria   AND hex'F' =  15 symbolized by F = France.
    Now, the entire geography region of North AF (AFRICA)  is really  about the alpha / numeric  range between HEX'A' thru  Hex'F'.
    Thus we ask ...where are the geography  computer  system identifiers for this region and the Middle East.
    PER = Program Event Recording  and its war zone is  the PER = Persian Gulf war.
    Program Event Recording (PER)

    C7 through C9 control program event recording if bit P in C4 is on. Otherwise, they do not influence the process in the domain.




    Figure 2-13

    The right 48 bits of the values of the data keys in C7 and C8 define the program events in BISG (successful branch, instruction completion, storage alteration, and general register alteration respectively), the start address in ssss ..., and the end address in eeee ... For further information see the Program Event Recording section of IBM System/370 Principles of Operation.


    System Library  --> the Library country of Libya and its internal political  problems   ..... that are parallel to  copper-wire computer systems software problems.
    • Source statement libraries and IBM System/370


      by I Flores - 1975 - Cited by 2 - Related articles
      The purpose of the source statement library which resides on a DASD is to aid in creating, debugging and maintaining working programs . In the past, the ...

    • "g">



      Systems IBM System/370 Bibliography - FTP Directory Listing

      File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
      an IBM System/370, this bibliography describes technical publications in support of: ... information pertaining to theSystem/370 library. For. System/370 ...


      ECB = Event Control Block  --> Egypt Cairo (city)  Blocks

      Below, we see Egypt  surrounded by the Computer Earth component elements in the geography / geology region with the proper noun identifiers:

      Syria --> Sy --> System

      Israel --> IS --> Information Systems

      Jordan --> Jo + r + da + n --> Job region data numeric

      Port Said --> I/O Port

      Luxor --> LUx --> Logical Unit x

      Lake Nasser --> Lake --> Load Address Key for
      Aswan Dan --> Dam  --> Direct Access Method

    ECB --> Event Control Block .............. 


    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Virtual Machine/System Product (VM/SP) Release 3 contains the ... System/370 program event recording (PER) ... on anEvent Control Block (ECB) or a list of ...



    Port Said Stadium riot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    On 1 February 2012, a massive riot occurred at Port Said Stadium in Port SaidEgypt, following an Egyptian premier league football match between Al-Masry ...


    BBC News - Egypt court backs Port Said football riot death sentences


    Mar 9, 2013 – A court in Egypt has upheld 21 death sentences handed down to fans over deadly football riots in Port Said, amid continuing unrest

  • an>

    Thus we see the mystery world of the sub-conscious primordial bio-computer mind of  HTML and COBOL business application programmers  ....... and those deep level thoughts rise  to a surface of  an EXTERNAL human DISPLAY of confusion and bio-computer turmoil    .......  that perhaps a few serious, aware,  conscious  humans may recognize as a  possibility  ..... considering  the context of the complexities of Nature and existence,.

    Maryland --> Geography computer

    RD-blog-number-2447 by Herb Zinser

    Geography and geology professors routinely use the Earth LAND  equation for their work ...that is  ..... LAND at  such and such location.
    What is that equation?

    LAND at  --> LAN Data = Local Area Network Data. 

    This geography computer system of NATURE has existed for hundreds of years.
    The copper-wire computer systems that came into existence between 1950 and 1980 ...provide us with MODELS of how COMPUTER EARTH works.
    Thus the copper wire computers <---> super-symmetry physics mirrors <---> Earth with Nature's processing systems

    Let's look at a secret geography region and study the data processing EARTH war zone  identifiers.

    What do the proper nouns and numbers say  ...about the geogarphy computer address space.

    Delaware --> de + law + are --> code law area 

    Baltimore --> Bal + tim + ore --> Basic Assembler Language time orders (the YEAR 2000 Y2K failure)

    Thus the BAL earth computer program with LINEs of code (the Delaware code). 

    Maryland --> M + ary + land --> math array  land -->  rows  and columns 

    Thus the LAND math rows are equivalent to LINES of source code instructions  in a BAL computer program.

    IBM Basic assembly language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes .... Three main types of instructions are found in the source code of a program ...


    The instruction set consists of the low-level operations supported by the hardware, such as:

    LOAD L copy a value from memory to a register
    STORE ST copy a value from a register to memory
    COMPARE C compare a register value with a value in memory
    Shift SLL, SRL move the bits of a register left or right
    START SUBCHANNEL SSCH start a sub-channel I/O operation using a string of Channel Command Words

    One of those LINES is DC = Define Constant --> the geography area of Washington, DC with the 
    base 16 hexadecimal geography computer address ...the address space --> 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    President Ford --> Fo + rd --> Base 16 Hex'Fo' = 240 RD
    President CLI  (CLINTON) instruction --> Compare Logical Immediate
    President Bush --> Bus + h --> data BUS hexadecimal 

    Columbia + Delaware --> implies Co +  De --> Code --> Co + DE--> Copenhagen Denmark parallel processing region

    Columbia --> Co + Lu --> Code Logical Unit

    What is logical unit (LU)? - Definition from

    logical unit (LU)

    In IBM's Systems Network Architecture ( SNA ), a logical unit (LU) identifies an end user in an SNA network . By end user, IBM means either a human being that is interacting with the network or an application program that is indirectly representing such an end user. Two logical units that communicate depend on physical connections being established through associated physical units ( PU s). The network point at each end of a communication that sets up the communication session between logical units is called the system services control point (SSCP) . Typically, a logical unit is a unique connection to an application program. A physical unit is usually a hardware device, such as a terminal control unit. IBM's Virtual Telecommunication Access Method ( VTAM ) is used by an application program to manage session and communication requests on behalf of logical units.
    In SNA, LU 6.2 is a type of logical unit used to represent end users in a distributed processing environment.
    The FALK iron gear explosion in Milwaukee is a world famous LU 6.2 EVENT.

    IBM Systems Network Architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Jump to Logical Unit (LU)‎: ). SNA essentially offers transparent communication: equipment specifics that don't impose any constraints onto LU-LU ...


    Bethesda --> Be + Th + he + esda --> Base theory hex entry sequenced data

    Bethesda --> esda --> Time ....wednesday --> wedn + esda + y the geography TIME region of BALTIMORE (BAL TIME orders)
    Thus the city of Baltimore year 2000 TIME problems of wednesday --> esda Y --> Entry sequenced data  Y2K errors


    Program 3 will use VSAMVSAM supports 3 file organization techniques: 

    1.) Entry Sequence data set (ESDA). 

    2.) Keyed Sequence data set (KSDS). 
    3.) Relative ...

    I-81 --> IBM 8100 DPCX --> Distributed Processing Control Executive.

    IBM 8100 DPCX

    DPCX (Distributed Processing Control eXecutive) was an operating system for the IBM 8100 small computer system.In 1978 IBM announced the 8100 Information System.


    I-64 --> COBOL computer language Doubleword 64 = 32 + 32

    Hence, we see how errors in the geography region overflowed to Virginia TECH and the base 16  hexadecimal battle of April 16,2007

    The city of Baltimore is like a Computer TIME Machine  (100 years after H.G.Wells)

    City blocks --> data blocks

    Thus we have TIME Machine of earth circuits and the city of BAL instructions.

    Above, Baltimore Highlands --> BAL HIGH --> BAL HIGH-VALUES = Hex'FF" = 255.
    The bio-computer and geography computer secrets of the city have yet to be studied.  
    Do you live there?
    Good luck!
    ST.Paul Street --> reference to ST.Paul Dirac physics concepts
    Shell Rd --> human atomic brain electron shell RD...see a basic college textbook in chemistry for shell models

    The West Point geography problem outlined by STAR TREK military analysis code - Lieutenant SULA.

     Rd-blog-number-4110 by Herb Zinser reviews various databases in an effort to understand the West Point  INTELLECTUAL blockage problem.   West Point is geography location with a militray academy; in addition,  it is a proper  noun that exists in Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE   and in various cities in  Sartre existentialism .....  such as the city contained in the velocity of light.  The city is comprised of the living language of proper nouns, concepts, ideas, etc.  ....and the LIFE FORMAT is electromagnetic wave patterms of thought   or  photon thinking information configurations.

    This was outlined by the U.S.ARMY War  College long ago  .. around year 1998.


    United States Military Academy
    • Military post

    The United States Military Academy at West Point, also known as West Point, Army, The Academy or simply, The Point, is a four-year coeducational federal service academy located in West Point, New York. Wikipedia

    Address: West Point, NY



    To Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE the words West Point --> Pointer (Vector, arrow, direction, etc).

    This is well-known and was explained by commander-in-chief   President Nixon for N x N square matrices.


    A more general matrix is shown below .. to show the concept.


    Florida White House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    For the compound used by Harry Truman in Key West see: Harry S. Truman
     ... a compound in Key Biscayne, Florida (near Miami)  used by U.S. President Richard Nixon.
    Thus we have West Point  --> Key West ....  and  President Nixon square matrix KEY signal from Key Biscayne.  
    In addition, we have the published signal .........


    María de Lourdes Villiers Farrow (born February 9, 1945), known professionally as Mia Farrow, is an American actress, activist and former fashion model.

    Thus we have a vector arrow code --> Farrow.
     Thus we consider that her message  code --> Farrow may have an EARTH LANGUAGE  parallel ....... and also  be a KEY.
    The Florida Keys -->
    Computer Earth data keys linked
    into Nature's processing systems.
    We have Nature's military identifier --> West Point  --> Key West  --> Florida Keys  and  Key Biscayne (Nixon matrices and vexctors)   ..... thus we seek another Key in the geography state of Florida that  LINKS to  Mia Farrow (Mrs. Frank Sintra).
    SYMBOL MACHINE subsets  suggest word clues ........ Mia + Far + arrow + sin 
    --->Far --> Far Horizons resort in 1960 thru 1970  Longboat Key, Sarasota, Florida.

    ----> arrow --> the island of Longboat Key is about 11 miles long and 1 mile wide ... from the sky would look like  an arrow / vector/ a long boat.
    ----> Longboat --> suggests a LONG Viking boat used  several hundred years ago.

    Sarasota High School (FL) Football Home -

    6 days ago - Sarasota Sailors (Sarasota, FL) Football Team Home Page. .
    Thus from Nature's EARTH LANGUAGE view  and the concept of equivalence....
    using super-symmetry physics concept  MIRRORS  ...... Sarasota has the  SYMBOL proper noun components and the  land/island to build a new version of the Viking Boat  ..the EARTH version ...Longboat Key that floats on the EARTH tectonic  plates and the EARTH liquid core --> hence, Nature's  abstract version of a  boat (made of sand/soil of a long island) floating on a liquid  ----> a different version ...but an equivalent verison to the NAVY boats.
    Jump to Continental Drift and Plate tectonics - They float on the semi-molten mantle rocks, and ... Continental plates are lighter (less dense) than ...
    In addition, the new  Viking  EARTH version   of  a   Long  Boat ...has vector (pointer) features.
    The Viking math equation -->   V  + ik  --> Vectors  i k --> in modern terms Vectors  i,j,k such as used in mechanbical engineering  and physics.

    Latitude and Longitude of a Point - iTouchMap

    Google Earth gives you a 3D look of the area around the center of the map, which is usually your last click point, and includes latitude, longitude and elevation ...

     Longitude lines are perpendicular and latitude lines are parallel to the equator.
    Hence, the important role of  the VIKING  --> Long Boat  Key   and its relationship to  EARTH Longitude   systems  needed by NATURE  in social engineering and brain enginering PROJECT  navigation.
    We see the clues of   EARTH LANGUAGE and the processing system .......
    West  Point --> Pointer to Key WEST  --> Florida Keys (Data keys )  --> the data keys go to EARTH coordinates known as Longitude and LongBoat key   (vectors i ,J K  --> interface Jack Kahn)
     and the Far Horizon ReSort  (sort/merge the data keys from the Florida Keys).
    Now, Jack kahn was from Milwaukee, Wisconsin --> Sinatra code.
    Thus the West Point information trail a  feedback signal ..or referback points back to Wisconsin  ...and we see  a modern verison of the Far Horizons  (Gift shop) ..... in Watertown, Wisconsin  which is near the secret Hubble social and intellectual  astronomy projects near Hubbleton, Wisconsin.
    Thus the refer back to the SYMBOL MACHINE   war  and its representation by  the Hubbleton, Wisconsin region.
    Hence, the West Point ....... flow chart ..thru Florida identifiers   --> return to Wisconsin (VIA  Jack Kahn ....Milwauke code --> Mil + Wa + u --> Milky Way Universe )  --> pointer to Hubble astronomy and Hubbleton and the nearby Far Horizons identifier on Main Street in Watertown, Wisconsin -> pointer to the Star Trek  actualization and realization  process --> VULCAN building on  West Street in Watertown (see Dr, Spock of Star Trek)   --> then the West Street mathematical extrapolation  to the West Road ..  farther west of Watertown.
    Below, Star Trek identifiers    ... Shields up/ Shields down

    . .

       Hence, West Point -->  pointer destination -->  West Road  message processing region for EARTH LANGUAGE translations.
    Naturer's system LINKAGE approval / authorization codes ......  
    West Road astrophysics -->
    The City of Cambridge is famous throughout the world for its University and ... in the new Stephen Hawking House on West Road located in West Cambridge ...

    West Road  ..... North America
    Previous ERROR messages about the WEST signal  .....  sent to West Point  VIA newpspaer announcements been ignored ....

    Westroads Mall shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Westroads Mall shooting was a mass shooting that occurred on 
    The Westroads Mall shooting was a mass shooting that occurred on Wednesday, December 5, 2007, at the Von Maur department store in the Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. Nineteen-year-old Robert A. Hawkins (Hawkins message to Hawking)    ...  killed nine people (including himself) and wounded four, two of them critically


    On 21 September 2013, unidentified gunmen attacked the upmarket Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack, which lasted until 24 September, ...


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    Over 5,000 Legal Titles Only at Legal Solutions by Thomson Reuters!
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    Legal Solutions from Thomson Reuters has 141 followers on Google+
    • West (publisher) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


      West (also known by its original name, West Publishing, and now a business unit of ... Thomson also consolidated into West a number of other law book ...

    • Westlaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


      Most legal documents on Westlaw are indexed to the West Key Number System, which is ... Westlaw was originated by West Publishing, a company whose ... well as legislation, books, cases, current awareness and full-text articles from many ...

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    • [RTF]The Rise of West Publishing and Lawyers - Access to Law

      It also went head-to-head with West with its American Jurisprudence legal ... now also serve the law library market as publishers of books, microfiche, and CD-ROM, ... It was in 1995 that the West Publishing, the crown jewel of legal publishing, ...

    • Thus we see Nature's message in year 2014  ..that ought be understood by the military.

    Another blog post ..outlines some concepts about the EARTH LANGUAGE war messages  ..and was a precursor to the above blog post.   The earlier concepts are repeated here provide more data for researchers.
     RD-blog-number-4112  by Herb Zinser reviews the  Earth STAR WARS  and the LINK to the Hollywood movie star  George Takei of the Star Trek television series.

    Hikaru Sulu

    Hikaru Sulu is a character in the Star Trek media franchise.[1] Originally known simply as ‘Sulu’, he was portrayed by George Takei in the original Star Trek series. Sulu also appears in the animated Star Trek series, the first six Star Trek movies, one episode ofStar Trek: Voyager, and in numerous books, comics, and video games.[2] Sulu having the first name ‘Hikaru’ appeared in a 1981 novel, well over a decade after the original series had ended.


    sula  star trek

    George Takei  as  SULA

    George Hosato Takei (武井 穂郷 Takei Hosato?/təˈk/; April 20, 1937) is an American actor, director and author, originally known for his role as Hikaru Suluhelmsman of theUSS Enterprise in the television series Star Trek. He also portrayed the character in sixStar Trek feature films and in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager.


    To understand the real Earth STAR WARS battles and conflict message we need to understand the architecture of  Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE process and languages.

    Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE  is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE …. as are television shows and paperback books that put optical and audio data/ commands as input to the stream of consciousness and various other levels …..subliminal mind, Carl Jung collective unconsciousness, etc.

    abstarction ladder 2 larger


    Using Galileo’s suggestions  of  ” 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS”   we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces……. the  2  CHIEF existential entities

    1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron  automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc.
    2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc.

    Maps and Territories – Rijnlandmodel

    Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
    Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
    There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.

     Thus we understand Charles Dickens ” TALE of 2 Cities”.


    Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get a mathematical-physics mapping to the destination range of physical biology with human proper nouns, human activities, etc on the geography surface of EARTH.

     mapping domain range

    Thus we see the Star Trek character  ….. Lieutenant Sula … in the source domain  …and nouns, proper nouns, algebra  subset words of nouns  are taken by the SYSTEM and used to create message events in physical reality .. the destination range.


    The famous STAR WARS demo was in Europe …..
    Lieutenant Sulu ……….. subset code
    Lie …………. mapped to the city of Liege,  Belgium  and its  city of lies/ errors / false information.



    Picture  - belgium city


    Grenade Bombing and Shooting Attack  the Lie Thoughts  of Liege, Belgium ……

    Dec 13, 2011 – Grenade Bombing and Shooting Attack in Liege, Belgium. On December 13, 2011 at around 12:30pm, lone gunman identified as 32 year old …

    Let’s look at the Earth geography peninsula messages.

    Another blog post explains some of the peninsula conflic regions. Let’s repeat that here  …… and then we will complete the  Lieutenant SULA   military peninSULA  theory.


    Jeffery Fowle explains the EARTH geography mathematical surface WAR  of the  STATE of Florida geography peninsula … via SYMBOL MACHINE linkage code Miami, Florida.

    Rd-blog-number-4111 by Herb Zinser reviews the Jeffery Fowle signaling EVENT that was in the news.

    Jeffrey Fowle, American detained in North Korea, released…/ jeffrey - fowle -american-detained-in-nort…


    CBS News

    Oct 21, 2014 – WASHINGTON — American detainee Jeffrey Fowle has been released … Fowle, 56, of Miamisburg , Ohio, had been awaiting trial on charges of …

    The key feature of this event is its LINK to other situations, geography locations, key words and concepts … creating a set of common denominators.
    Let’s looks at the Jeffery Fowle message database  as providing gestalt completion codes about some EARTH LANGUAGE message process of Nature.
    Thus we look …………
    Keyword –> Miamisburg, Ohio — > subset word –> Miami (Florida)   and Mia (Vietnam war code –> Missing In Action)
    The minimial common  alphabet letters are –>mia
    In the EARTH LANGUAGE trip  taken by Jeffery Fowle to North Korea  ….. he acts as an information carrier ..bringing the SYMBOLS–> mia  to that Asian geography country.
    Thus we now have  ….  3 geography regions on EARTH associated with SYMBOL MACHINE   code –> mia.
    Thus we look at these geography regions ….and their geometry configuartions
    Jeffery Fowle and his North Korean  signal



    The geography  configuration ..the  EARTH geometry MAP … reminds us of the State of Florida with the Mia of Miami.



    The 3rd geography region with code MIA (in this case –> Missing In Action)  is the Vietnam war region….

    Your content goes here…



    Thus we have 3 geography regions ………. 2 that are actual  land peninsulas with salt water on 3 sides water   …and the Vietnam  map shaped like a peninsula.    All  three regions have  had conflicts  ……..  with Miami, Florida associated with Cuba and the Bay of Pigs.

    1980 Miami Riots – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Miami _ Riots



    The 1980 Miami Riots were race riots that occurred in Miami, Florida in May 1980 following the acquittal


    Changing Times | Miami New Times

    www. miami…/changing-times/


    Miami New Times

    Jun 30, 2005 – Sixteen years ago Miami closed out its most turbulent decade with one … The last major race riot erupted in Overtown, Miami area in January 1989 ,

    Overtown, Miami   
    Overtown, Miami   
    O   ……….., Miami  
    O  …………, Mia
    O    ………., Miami   
    Ohio………. Miamisburg  with Jeffery Fowle
    Hence, we ask what this math code means.
    The word mia is a subset word of …..

    Thus, the code …..

    O  ………… Mia   says  
    Mia  O   says 
    polynomial equation = o



    Mia  O   says 
    binomial probability distribution from 0 to 1 



    Thus we look for more clues about the EARTH LANGUAGE   and its messages.

    The math and physics function symbol   ….. appear on the maps below



    The horizontal line on the above map …. the DMZ   …..becomes the horizontal line in the function symbol graphic picture.

    The vertical coast line of  Korean peninsula traces  out  the math symbol  –> f.

    Hence, Nature is saying that function space is divided …. and this is a serious conflict    ………..,,and the EARTH physical geography regions that look like a math function    …… then became the conflict  regions for NATURE’s systems   …. that needed to  create the message about the function space problem.



    Below, the vertical coast line of Vietnam  …in symbol terms  is a calculus  integration symbol.

    The vertical coast line with the horizontal DMZ  becomes a function symbol.



    Thus we wonder about   Nature’s message  to human society

    Below, are  blog posts that offer researchers some suggestions  to the puzzle.

    Jeffery Fowle and North Korea polynomial math wars

    Rd-blog-number-4018 by Herb Zinser reviews the mathematical-physics polynomial war signals as explained by the empirical database created by the bio-math structure named Jeffery Fowle.

    Let’s look at the news reports and the WAR clues provided by the signaling event.

    US Tourist Jeffrey Fowle Was Arrested in North Korea for …

  › world


    The Christian Post

    Aug 3, 2014 – North Korean authorities arrested U.S. tourist Jeffrey Fowle three months … the Bible with his contact information and pictures under a bin in the toilet … Fowle, a 56-year-old from Miamisburg, Ohio, who used to attend church …

    Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE language analysis tools give us the word / concept CLUES needed to understand the deeper levels of REALITY that underlie the surface veneer signaling EVENT.

    Nature’s Darwinian  selection of a SYMBOL MACHINE messenger and his actions and activities … allowed Nature’s system message to be optimized to contain   KEY data content..

    The Darwinian selected  agent … intially selected for his EARTH mathematical-physics geography location of Miamisburg –> subset letter –> Mia –>  implies Nature’s systems and EARTH LANGUAGEs ……

    polynomial  military project.

    …….no mia –> north ought be selected

    as a message generating site

    Polynomial – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



    In mathematics, a polynomial is an expression consisting of variables (or indeterminates) and coefficients, that involves only the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and non-negative integer exponents.


    In mathematics , a polynomial is an expression consisting of variables (or indeterminates ) and coefficients , that involves only the operations of addition subtraction multiplication, and non-negative integer exponents . An example of a polynomial of a single indeterminate (or variable), x , is x 2 − 4 x + 7, which is a quadratic polynomial .

    Polynomials appear in a wide variety of areas of mathematics and science. For example, they are used to form polynomial equations , which encode a wide range of problems, from elementary word problems to complicated problems in the sciences; they are used to define polynomial functions , which appear in settings ranging from basic chemistry andphysics to economics and social science ; they are used in calculus and numerical analysisto approximate other functions. In advanced mathematics, polynomials are used to construct polynomial rings and algebraic varieties , central concepts in algebra andalgebraic geometry .

    Above, the graph of a polynomial function of degree 3

    A polynomial in a single indeterminate can be written in the form

    where are numbers, or more generally elements of a ring , and is a symbol which is called an indeterminate or, for historical reasons, avariable .

    Nature’s system created  data signaling  event …………..

    US Tourist Jeffrey Fowle Was Arrested in North Korea for …

  › world


    The Christian Post

    Aug 3, 2014 – North Korean authorities arrested U.S. tourist Jeffrey Fowle three months … the Bible with his contact information and pictures under a bin in the toilet … Fowle, a 56-year-old from Miamisburg, Ohio, who used to attend church …

    North Korean authorities  …………
    No….Ko……  authorities in math subscripts  n, k , and  o as used by polynomials shown above and below  ..subscripts and exponents of the EARTH LANGUAGE and its  existential equations

    Above, EARTH LANGUAGE  word clues –> South Korea –> S K –> Subscripts K ..such as used by math, physics, engineering, linear algebra. matrices, etc … for various practical applications.

    . The next major MATH  QUEST  ….. the math behavior ACTIVITY signal by  bio-math expression structure with proper noun  Jeffery Fowle and his EARTH polynomial identifier ..
    the city of MIA –> polynomial math soldiers  MISSING In ACTION –> MIA –> Miamisburg, Ohio.

    Thus the math region of Miamisburg, Ohio –> ghives the math abbreviations –> MIA  O (zero of symbols Ohio) .

    That is ..expanded –> Polynomials = 0 ….. and his subliminal mind and its  EARTHLY quest to find the roots or zeros of the polynomials.

    For example …………

    • Find all the zeroes of the following polynomial: 2 x 5 + 3 x 4 – 30 x 3 – 57 x 2 – 2 x + 24

    First, I’ll apply the Rational Roots Test—

    Wait. Actually, the first thing I’ll do is check to see if x = 1 or x = –1 is a root, because these are the simplest roots to test for. This isn’t an “official” first step, but it can often be a timesaver, because you can just look at the powers and the numbers.

    Notice, below ….. his skull / head  is partially bald … that is  ..missing some bio-math polynomial roots.    As a substitute ,,,, in his subliminal MIND search for a math answer ..he took the trip to the EARTH math region of North Korea … well known for its math subscripts n,o, k.

    Zeroes and Their Multiplicities


    http://www.purple math .com/modules/polyends2.htm

    Return to the Purplemath home page … The real (that is, the non-complex) zeroes of a polynomial correspond to the x-intercepts of the graph of that polynomial.


    Rational Zeros of Polynomials – SOS Math


    http://www.sos math .com/algebra/factor/fac10/fac10.html

    There is a general formula for the roots of a polynomial of degree 4, but it is VERY tedious to apply. It so happens that in this case x=”1″ and x=”-1″ are two rational …

    The multiplicities

    The   ………. cities –>  On May 4, towards the end of an evening spent eating
     anddrinking in Chongjin , a large industrial city on North Korea’seast coast,

    The next major action by math researcher Jeffery Fowle ………..

    Aug 2(Reuters) – American tourist Jeffrey Fowle wasarrested by North Korean authorities

    for leaving a bible

    under abin in the toilet

    at a club for foreign sailors, a sourcefamiliar with Fowle’s case told Reuters.

    Keyword toilet –> he found  a  zero of a polynomial equation in ancient EARTH picture/ graphic art  language ….. hence, the ZERO shown below VIA the toilet rim hole.

    Above, the ZERO of a polynomial   …… human bio-math OUTPUT is routed thru this mathematical device … that works real hard …. the toil of a toilet  .. and the  difficult task of Nature analyze  all the  rectum output data records for valid math content.

    To keep his mission simple,  Nature suggested to Jeffery Fowle that he leave a bin signal –> binary signal –> implies number 2  ..hence ,,,,the power of 2 ….. hence, the quadratic equation as taught millions of high school students in algebra class.

    Thus   ……. Jeffery Fowle and the  signal components of word clues —>  bin  mia  –> binary polynomial equation …at the high school level or freshman college ……  basic, practical algebra course  and a plane geometry course  ………. with basic  graphs and calculations.

    At the other end of the spectrum of difficulty  ,,the more general equations of exponents n,o, k  ..used by larger sized polynomials ….. .and the Law of Mathematical induction in basic calculus.

    Mathematical Induction – A Method for Proving Certain …


    Home >> Pre-Calculus >> 10. … Mathematical induction is a very powerful technique for proving certain types of mathematical formulas. … Scientific induction is similar in that many (in fact, virtually all) scientific laws are formed by looking at a …

    Thus in year 2104 …. you have some pieces to Natrure’s SYMBOL MACHINE  puzzles.

    Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts,etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOLMACHINE.

    Using Galileo’ssuggestions  of  ” 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS”  we now perceive S artre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more dataspaces……. the  2  CHIEF existential entities

    1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, etc.
    2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control systemflowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc.

    Maps and Territories -Rijnlandmodel

    Languagein Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
    Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
    There is a sense in which weall live in two worlds.

    Thus we understand Charles Dickens ” TALE of 2Cities”.

    Thuswe have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get amathematical-physics mapping to the destination range of physical biology withhuman proper nouns, human activities, etc on the geography surface ofEARTH.

    Thus we see the LINK between  MIA, Ohio   and   North Korea and the ZERO of the toil / work  of Nature and the toil letter –> toil letter –> toilet   …..and the BULL-STORY   explanations  printed by  North American newspapers and  ……  university  approval of those incomplete explanations ……. but citizens  certainly know how to EAT FOOD and then send their  rectum  TOIL LETTERS to  Mother EARTH’s  systems  …in direct violation of the sodium chloride SALT molecule treaty signed by the adult people at the dinner table with salt/pepper shakers..

    Jeffery Fowles binomial probability distribution AFFAIR

    RD-blog-number-4106 by Herb Zinser reviews the world math political science crises as reflected by the Jeffery Fowle mathematical signaling EVENT from North Korea.

    As a background, we review the simple INTELLECTUAL awareness problems at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.



    This geography region is involved with Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE textbook ..



    An example of such a application the bio-math CHANCE structure with the super-symmetry MIRROR parallel proper noun –>






    The chancellor and the university refuse to recognize Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE expression systems  (John Wiley publishing)  and its role in the selection of John Wiley. In fact, the university denies the existence of many obvious  things in year 2014, creating many problems in the state of Wisconsin and thru-out the world …..   via their poor example of intellectual curiosity  AND their inability to communicate results in the system creation of crimes and murder.


    Let’s look at such a  world affair that might have been avoided by the University of Wisconsin and other schools.

    The signaling EVENT —>


    U.S. Tourist Jeffrey Fowle Was Detained In North Korea For …

    •…/ jeffrey -fowle-north-kor…


      The Huffington Post

      Aug 1, 2014 – … for leaving a bible under a bin in the toilet at a club for foreign sailors, … middle-aged street repairs worker fromMiamisburg , Ohio as a warm, …

    US Tourist Jeffrey Fowle Was Arrested in North Korea for …

    • › world


      The Christian Post

      Aug 3, 2014 – Fowle, a 56-year-old from Miamisburg , Ohio , who used to attend church … under a bin meant for discarding used toilet paper by aged people.

    UPDATE 3-North Korea sentences US citizen Matthew …


    The SYMBOL MACHINE key words and concepts from the EVENT database —>


    Miamisburg –> algebra   subset letters –> Mia

    Ohio –> alphabet letter –> o

    under a bin –> bin


    The 3  sets of letters –> bin o mia  –> spells –> binomial …as in binomial probability distribution








    The EARTH LAB geography math expression site of North Korea.



    Binomial Probability Formula


    Hence proper noun –> North Korea –> initials  ….. n k  suggests  more empirical proof  of Nature’s math message;



    Binomial Probability Formula with North Korean intials --> n k








    Bible left in North Korean sailor’s club triggered U.S. tourist’s …

    Aug 1, 2014 – SEOUL, Aug 2(Reuters) – American tourist Jeffrey Fowle … in jail,where he is awaiting trial in one of the world’s most inhospitable countries.


  What is a Probability Distribution

    Discrete Distributions, The mathematical definition of a discrete probability …

    The condition that the probabilities sum to one


    Army Math Job s |…/ math -jobs.html


    United States Army
    Discover what military math jobs the U.S. Army offers. Army math jobs are available across many different fields including finance, intelligence and logistics.

    Army Math Job s   for Jeffery Fowle



    he is awaiting trial in one –> one condition

    –> the probabilities sum to one






    Below, Jeffery  Fowle uses body language hand signals ,  infra-red language emissions from his dermatology / skin surface, his head has bio-computer BAL version D code (BALD  = Basic Assembler Language D), his fa cia l ex pression s say he is Nature’s  CIA lexicon/dictionary agent, his eye browse  use the bio-computer  Mozilla bio-computer browser, etc.


    Another blog on the title below .........

    Mia Farrow and Miamisburg agent Jeffery Fowle explain EARTH sin wave messages and Tesla math curves